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General Information
Dates: 22 March 2021 - 25 March 2021
Location: Virtual, Remote
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ICANN 70 was ICANN's Community Forum for 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, it was held virtually, using the time zone of the originally planned host city, Cancun, Mexico.[1] In an effort to increase the security of the virtual meetings, ICANN.org requires a registered account to log into and view most meeting information and archival materials.

Prep Week

Following in the pattern of previous fully virtual conferences, ICANN scheduled a "Prep Week" to provide information and orientation for new participants, as well as to outline and refine plenary topics.[2] The Prep Week ran from Monday, March 8 through Thursday, March 11, 2021.[2]

Community Forum

The Community Forum took place over four days, using Cancun's time zone, EDT (UTC-5), for scheduling.[3] Over 1700 participants attended sessions, from 157 countries.[4]

Policy Highlights

Social & Community Highlights

  • Marilyn Cade was remembered and honored by many, including a request at the Public Forum for a minute of silence to mark her passing.[7]
  • LACRALO held a social event in collaboration with ALAC, which included a performance by a Mexican dance troupe.[8]
  • ICANN 70 continued the tradition of "Fika" sessions - coffee breaks and conversation in breakout rooms.


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