Policy Development Process to Review the Transfer Policy

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Policy Development Process to Review the Transfer Policy
Status: Active
Issue Areas: Tranfer Policy
Date Established: February 20, 2021
Charter: [ WG Charter]
Workspace: [ Community Wiki]

The Policy Development Process to review Transfer Policy (PDPRTP) is a GNSO PDP initiated by the GNSO Council on February 18, 2021.[1]

Focus and Charter Questions

The PDP Charter specifies that the Working Group "is to conduct a review of the Transfer Policy and determine if changes to the policy are needed to improve the ease, security, and efficacy of inter-registrar and inter-registrant transfers." [2] The Final Issue Report identified questions and issues related to eight topics:

  1. Gaining & Losing Registrar Form of Authorization (“FOA”);
  2. Authcode Management;
  3. Change of Registrant;
  4. Transfer Emergency Action Contact (“TEAC”);
  5. Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy (“TDRP”);
  6. Reversing/NACKing Transfers;
  7. ICANN-Approved Transfers; and
  8. Recommendation 27 of the [Expedited Policy Development Process on the Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data (EPDP)][3]

History and Work Progress

The Final Issue Report was presented to the GNSO Council in advance of their February council meeting.[4] After initiation of the project at the February council meeting, the GNSO publicly launched the project at ICANN 70 with an introductory session.[5] The session provided an overview of the issue areas, identified ways for community members to participate, and described the composition and sources of the Working Group membership.[6]