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ICANN70 logo crop.png
Dates: March 22-25, 2021
Location: Cancun, Mexico
Venue: Virtual
Website: ICANN 70 (registration required)

ICANN 70 was ICANN's Community Forum for 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, it was held virtually, using the time zone of the originally planned host city, Cancun, Mexico.[1] In an effort to increase the security of the virtual meetings, ICANN.org requires a registered account to log into and view most meeting information and archival materials.

Prep Week

Following in the pattern of previous fully virtual conferences, ICANN scheduled a "Prep Week" to provide information and orientation for new participants, as well as to outline and refine plenary topics.[2] The Prep Week ran from Monday, March 8 through Thursday, March 11, 2021.[2]

Community Forum

The Community Forum took place over four days, using Cancun's time zone, EDT (UTC-5), for scheduling.[3] Over 1700 participants attended sessions, from 157 countries.[4]

Policy Highlights

Social & Community Highlights

  • Marilyn Cade was remembered and honored by many, including a request at the Public Forum for a minute of silence to mark her passing.[7]
  • LACRALO held a social event in collaboration with ALAC, which included a performance by a Mexican dance troupe.[8]
  • ICANN 70 continued the tradition of "Fika" sessions - coffee breaks and conversation in breakout rooms.


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