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Type: Privately held
Industry: Internet
Founded: 1997
Founder(s): Pierre Berecz, Philip Van Gelder
Stephane Van Gelder
Ownership: Group NBT plc.
Headquarters: 124-126 Rue de Provence
Paris, 75008
Country: France
Employees: 48
LinkedIn: INDOM
Key People
Stephane Van Gelder, General Manager

INDOM is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar based in France. They provide domain name management for businesses, corporations, SMEs, legal practitioners and IP professionals. The company is composed of a team of 48 multi-disciplinary professionals in different fields to serve its clients.

INDOM is a subsidiary of Group NBT plc., a company specializing in the management and protection of online brands.[1]


Pierre Berecz and Philip Van Gelder first established on July 16, 1997. It is one of the first universal domain name availability seach engine to offer every available extension. Two years later, Stephane Van Gelder joined the team and launched INDOM as a domain name registrar.[2]

In 2002, INDOM was launched in the United States, and company headquarters were moved to Paris. In 2005, the company opened two new offices located in Sophia-Antipolis (INDOM SOUTH) and Strasbourg (INDOM EUROPE). On October 11, 2007 INDOM opened an office in Hong Kong, an event that coincided with INDOM's launching of .asia domain name registration.

Group NBT plc. acquired INDOM on December 2010.[3]


INDOM was accredited by AFNIC on December 28, 1999; by ICANN on July 27, 2005; and by EURid on July 16, 2005. INDOM was the first registrar in France to be accredited by EURid. The company is also accredited with a large number of international registries.[4]


INDOM provides assistance, registration, domain management, technical management, web hosting, security, legal assistance, monitoring as well as marketing services to its clients.


INDOM was given the Gazelle Awards in 2005 from the French Commerce Minister Renaud Dutriel. The award was given in recognition to companies who displayed a strong revenue performance for two years.[5]


In 2008, the company's General Manager, Stephane Van Gelder, was elected Treasurer of the ICANN Registrar Constituency and elected member of the GNSO. At present, Van Gelder is the Chairman of the GNSO Council.[6]