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Type: Not-for-profit
Industry: Internet
Founded: 1998
Headquarters: Unit 24 Sandyford Office Park

Dublin 18

Country: Ireland
LinkedIn: ISPAI
Key People
Paul Durrant, General Manager

ISPai (Internet Service Providers Association of Ireland) is a not for profit corporation limited by guarantee, composed of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The organization serves the interests of its members by providing a unified voice for the Irish ISPs within the national, continental, and international level. ISPai is funded via cost sharing by the organizations members. It was established in January, 1998.[1]

The organization is a member of the pan-European association of the Internet services providers, EuroISPA, which represents more than 1800 ISPs within the European and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries.[2]


Based on the association's mission statement, ISPai aims to achieve the following:[3]

  • Promote accurate and unbiased media coverage of the Internet Service Providers and Users.
  • Provide a focal point for discussion with political groups and others likely to impact the industry.
  • Establish a Code of Practice for service providers.
  • Establish accepted standards of service and a uniform code of practice acceptable to members.
  • Sponsor research into trends likely to affect Internet Service Providers.
  • Communicate to members, issues and developments relevant to the industry, and to foster communications between members.
  • Foster the industry's image.
  • Encourage an open and competitive environment, and to resist anti-competitive policies and practices.
  • Address any technical issues of specific relevance to the Irish Internet Community.
  • Foster co-operation with related organisations worldwide. Service

ISPai operates Service which serves as an avenue for the Irish community to report any illegal content they encounter on the Internet, such as child pornography, in a secure and confidential manner.[4] The hotline was created in November, 1999 and receives partial funding from the European Commission's Safer Internet Programme, which aims to empower and protect children and young people from harmful online contents and increase awareness and initiatives to combat illegal activities on the Internet.[5]


The members of ISPai are companies providing internet access, e-mail and hosting services to different entities or individual internet users within Ireland. Members of ISPAI include:[6]

ISPai Issues

ISPai is actively involved on issues related to the ICANN, eCommerce Development in Europe and Ireland, Illegal and Harmful Uses of the Internet, Copyright issues on the Internet, Unsolicited e-mail spamming, Industry Codes of Practice, Domain Name Service Organization (DNSO), Child Protection Online, and many other internet related activities.[7]