Internet Computer Bureau

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Type: Private
Industry: Internet
Headquarters: Christchurch, BH23 1XW
Country: UK
Key People
Paul Kane, Chairman and Managing Director

Internet Computer Bureau (ICB) is a company based in United Kingdom which operates several country code top-level domain registries, such as,, and The company also operates, an integrated office systems and all-in-one server, and, a one-stop global domain listing.[1] Paul Kane is the Chairman and Managing Director of ICB and maintains two international offices in Japan and the USA.[2]

Other Services

Aside from being a registry operator, ICB also provides software, routing and satellite services to Domain Name Registries, Government telecommunication agencies and telecommunication companies worldwide. The company's data centers are located in Amsterdam, London, Melbourne, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo.


The Internet Computer Bureau is an active participant in different ICANN activities and meetings through its Chairman and Managing Director Paul Kane. Kane was appointed as interim Representative to the gTLD Registry Constituency in 1999. Subsequently, in 2000, he was elected as representative of the Registrar Constituency to the DNSO Names Council. He also served as chairman of the Intake Committee, chairman of the Whois Committee and member of International Domain Names Task Force.[3] Kane was also chosen as one of the Trusted Community Representatives of the DNSSEC Root Zone.[4]