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Type: Non-Profit
Industry: Registrar & Registry Association
Founded: 1996
Headquarters: Cours de Rive 2
CH-1204 Geneva
Country: Switzerland
Key People
Werner Staub, Chair of the ExCom
Amadeu Abril i Abril, Legal Advisor

CORE, or the Internet Council of Registrars, is a non-profit organisation based in Switzerland. It was created to administer the worldwide registration of new domain names on the internet. Formed in 1996, it is based on the Generic Top Level Domains-Memorandum of Understanding (gTLD-MoU) for assisting the launch of new domain name spaces.

The association is aimed at preserving, developing and sharing resources for names and identifiers on the Internet. It recognises that names and identifiers are a public good and must be part of a unified environment that can be accessed and trusted by everyone. It works towards these aims by developing standards, software and services.

CORE has developed protocols and methodologies to facilitate domain registration, as well as a multi-protocol Shared Registration System (SRS) and registration gateway. SRS and Gateway help CORE members and partners to register and maintain the domain names for their customers through the CORE subsidiary ICANN-accredited registrar COREhub. COREhub operates a neutral shared channel connecting registries to registrars for all existing gTLDs and many ccTLDs.

Registry Solutions

CORE provides strategic solutions for every phase of the life of a Top Level Domain (TLD) offering its partners high level expertise based on 25 years of business, policy and infrastructure development.

CORE supported the launch of 3 TLDs through various registry back-end service packages: .aero (2002), .museum (2003), and .cat (2006).

Today it provides all-in-one Registry Solutions to more than 25 extensions (Top Level Domains) from the 2012 new gTLD round including open, community, geographic and brand extensions, as well as IDNs and ccTLDs.

CORE also manages 3 new gTLDs on its own behalf, all of them IDNs: .онлайн, .сайт, .بازار.


CORE was launched through work with leaders in internet governance and liberalisation, ISOC, and IANA in the fall 1996. The organisation grew out of the gTLD-MoU, which involved hundreds of companies and individuals. Those involved with CORE's foundation believed that the internet was ill-equipped, from its inception as a mainly academic resource, to grow into its role as a community tool that needed more competition and de-regulation. CORE is funded by its members, 85 in international markets and 23 in the U.S., all of whom are dedicated to fairness and competition on the internet.[1]

Executive Committee

The latest CORE Executive Committee elections took place in January, 2023, via electronic vote.

Current Members

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