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Country: USA
Key People
Christian Dawson, Co-Founder & Board Chair

David Snead, Co-Founder

Internet Infrastructure Coalition, or i2Coalition, is a trade organization that seeks to foster growth within the Internet infrastructure industry by gathering together key players in the industry. According to Co-Founder Christian Dawson:

"The Internet Infrastructure Coalition, or i2Coalition, is a trade association for Internet infrastructure companies (hosting companies, registrars, registries, datacenters and those who support those industries – companies that build the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the Internet) designed to build a collective voice for us in public policy matters..."[1]

Recent hot topics include the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, or ECPA, as well as patent reform. In addition to priorities such as these, which shift according to pertinent and current legislation, Internet Infrastructure Coalition maintains the following core principles for all potential government action and collaboration:[2]

  • Supporting a multi-stakeholder process for determining rules and regulations that gives key constituencies a voice in the internet governance process
  • Developing market-driven standards for policymaking that recognize the unique challenges and opportunities the Internet creates
  • Embracing balanced legislative and regulatory approaches that promote growth and adoption of innovative technology
  • Safeguarding the rights of individuals to preserve privacy and communicate freely
  • Promoting cooperation between government and industry leaders to achieve better policy
  • Encouraging voluntary adoption of best practices to achieve shared objectives


Internet Infrastructure Coalition first began in 2011 at HostingCon, as a movement focused somewhat on SOPA and PIPA legislation. At the time, 42 founding members banded together to launch the group, and new names are being added to the roster as the organization grows.[1][3]

The organization's Charter Members, who helped fund its launch, are Rackspace, Softlayer, cPanel, and The Endurance International Group.[3]