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Type: Privately held
Industry: Internet
Founded: 2005
Headquarters: Building Palace Maua

Av Columbus, 2360/605 Neighborhood Forest
CEP 90560-002 Porto Alegre / RS

Country: Brazil
Blog: King blog

Kinghost is a web hosting company based in Brazil, it also offers streaming audio and video security networks and other technology services; the company has been offering numerous web infrastructure services since 2005.

The company operates in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and other countries in the Americas. In 2008, Kinghost launched the Subversion (SVN) shared hosting in the Brazilian market, making the company one of the 12 companies worldwide to master the technology and offer it within a shared environment. Kinghost also became the first provider in Latin America exclusively offering Ruby on Rails, Subversion, GIT, PHP and Perl hosting plans and capable of installing Python frameworks Django , Pylons , TurboGears and[1]

In 2009, Kinghost activated its link to the ANSP PTT by Durand and London via the PTT PersisTelecom. Additionally, the company began training for ISO 9001 certification, and obtained confirmation for international registration of trademarks in the United States.

In 2010, the company began its preparations to virtualize its server 100% in the cloud and it was the first company to offer web hosting on the web server nginx and the only company to implement FTP security to its customers on linux and windows web hosting.


  • Domain Name Registration
  • Domain Name Reservation
  • Web Hosting
  • Wireless
  • TV and Radio Streaming
  • Reselling Hosting
  • ADSL Authentication


Kinghost is the first company in Brazil to establish partnerships with Google, Yahoo and Rocket.[2]

Data Center

KingHost operates 28 racks at its data center in Porto Alegre. In 2011, the company also acquired Global Crossings Data Centers for content delivery network to serve additional areas such as Curitiba and Sao Paulo.[3]


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