Maggie Mansourkia

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Affiliation: Verizon
Country: USA
Email: maggie.mansourkia[at]
Facebook: link=magnolia mobley   [magnolia mobley Maggie Mansourkia]
LinkedIn: link=maggie mansourkia   [maggie mansourkia Maggie Mansourkia]

Maggie Mansourkia is Chief Privacy Counsel & Assistant General Counsel for Verizon Communications,[1] and also a GNSO Constituency representative at ICANN.[2] She has been working in Law since 2006. Prior to this, Maggie was Director of Internet and Ecommerce Law at MCI from 2000 to 2006.[3]

Ms. Mansourkia is a member of the ISPCP Constituency Executive Committee at ICANN;[4] and has also been involved in the GNSO, DNSO, and other task forces and constituencies within ICANN.[5]

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