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Affiliation: Church of Reality
Country: USA
Email: marc [at]
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Marc Perkel was the Founder of the Church of Reality, the owner of a spam filtering company, Junk Email Filter, and the first full time system administrator for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Member of NCSG and NCUC. His Interests included technology, civil liberties, and philosophy.

Marc Perkel passed away on August 1, 2018.


1955 Marc Perkel, born in Wheeling West Virginia USA.

1971-1973 Designed and built first computer out of pin ball machine relays. Self educated in electronics.

1973 Got first class FCC license. Made a living in electronic repair starting with radios and TVs and then marine electronics, marine radio, medical electronics, electronic design, and CB Radios (Handle: Mr. Fixit).

1974 was in charge of communications for the Port Huron to Mackinaw Island sailboat race.

1979 Built first real computer IMSAI S100 Z80 based. Wrote operating system from front panel switches one byte at a time.

1981-1983 Developed a Forth type computer language called Slick (as in "that's slick") used for machine control for custom designed computer in laser shows to chicken house environmental controllers.

In 1984 opened a computer retail store in Springfield Missouri USA Computer Tyme. Sold CP/M and IBM compatibles.

1989 Evolved into software development company producing DOS software packages DOS Toolbox and Network Survival Kit for DOS clients on Novell Netware networks. Created a programming language and menu system called MarxMenu with a Pascal like syntax.

1996 Put a server online and started web and email hosting.

1998 ran for United States Congress as a Democrat. Made it into the general election but lost to incumbent Roy Blunt.

1998 Founded the Church of Reality, a doubt based religion based on the idea of believing in what is real. Created Realist as a religious identity that is dedicated to the pursuit of the understanding of objective reality by humanity and the survival and positive evolution of the human race.

2000 ran for United States Senate in Republican primary against John Ashcroft and lost. Became known as "The guy who lost to the guy who lost to the dead guy."

2000 moved from Springfield Missouri to San Francisco California.

2001-2003 Started working at the Electronic Frontier Foundation as a volunteer. After a few months became an employee. Worked with Robin Gross and Wendy Seltzer there.

2001 developed spam filtering technology for EFF and my hosting business.

2003 Started the spam filtering business under the name Junk Email Filter, a hosted spam filtering service where the MX is pointed to our servers, we filter the inbound email, and forward the good email to existing servers.

2009 Was granted a registered trademark by the United States on the word REALITY in the Religion and Spiritual Counseling category.

Author of a Philosophy for ICANN.