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Country: UK
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Martin Sutton

Martin Sutton was a former risk manager for one of the world’s leading global banks, managing digital risks covering domain name portfolios, online fraud and security, brand protection and enforcement.[1] He has held various positions within HSBC Holdings since 1997.[2] He also led HSBC's New gTLD programme, including the application for their own registry (.hsbc) and developing their strategic response to the introduction of 1600+ top level domains.

He was a co-founder, director and the President of the Brand Registry Group (BRG)where he was recently appointed as Executive Director. The BRG is a trade association supporting major brands that apply to run dotBrand registries.  This association focuses strongly on policy and contractual issues within the ICANN arena, where Martin has been actively engaged for many years.  

Martin is also the founder and Managing Director of Top Dot Ltd, which helps major companies to improve risk management towards their critical domain names/digital assets, including their top-level-domain registries.


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