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Country: USA
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Michael Graves has been the CTO of JanRain, Inc. since 2007.[1]

Career History

Prior to his stint as an advisor at ClairMail Inc. in 2006, he was the CTO at Verisign for six years. He is the founder of Signio (aka Weblogs.com)[2], a company where he worked three years as the CTO. Signio was bought by VeriSign in 2000 and Graves joined VeriSign.[3] Mr. Graves worked at Symantec as an Engineer in the beginning of his career.[4]

He has also been the Chief Information Officer at Applied Materials and at Sun Microsystems Inc. Mr. Graves has served on the Boards of Bora Payment Systems LLC and Saama Technologies Inc.[5]

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Michael Graves, CTO-JanRain Inc.