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Country: USA
Email: mjacobs [at] verisign.com

link=cpjacobs.com   [cpjacobs.com cpjacobs.com]

LinkedIn: link=Mimi Jacobs   [Mimi Jacobs Mimi Jacobs]
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @mimijacobs

Mimi Jacobs is the Director of Product Management at Verisign.[1]

Career History

Earlier in her career, Mimi was the Senior Product Manager at Moreover Technologies. Moreover Technologies was acquired by VeriSign and now she is the Director of Product Management at VeriSign. Prior to working at Moreover Technologies, she was the Product Manager at Network Solutions. From 2000-2001, she was the Senior Consultant at US Interactive. She has also worked as a Project Manager at Sage Corporation. She began her career as a Subsidiary Rights Manager at Random House.[2]

She particpated in the MIXX Conference in 2008.[3]


Jacobs holds a BA in English from the DePauw University. In 1996, she did a Publishing Program from New York University.