Mohibullah Utmankhil

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Affiliation: IT Center of Kabul University
Country: Afghanistan

Mohibullah Utmankhila has a bachelor's degree in Information Technology from the University of Kabul and has more than five years of professional experience in this field. He has been teaching Information Technology subjects in the Information Technology Center of Kabul University (ITCK), Kabul Polytechnic Community College, Azerakhsh Computer Institute and Afghan Information Technology Institute (AITI) for several years. Besides his academic career, he has great achievements working as an IT officer at Cross Logistics Services Company and senior IT administrator at ITCK. He was one of the participants who represented NTIPAA and Afghanistan in inSIG 2016 and ICANN 57 meeting held in Hyderabad and selected as a fellow of ICANN60. He was also a member of the program committee of the AfSIG 2017 organized by the National IT Professionals Association of Afghanistan. He has a Master's degree in computer science and Technology from the University of Mysor, India.

ICANN Involvement

ICANN 57 was Utmankhil's first ICANN conference.

Involvement in Internet Governance

He was a participant of Indian School of Internet Governance and organizer of Afghanistan School on Internet Governance (AfSIG)


He has a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from Kabul University of Afghanistan. Currently pursuing his master's in M.Tech Computer and Information Technology, in Mysore University, India.