Monolith Registry LLC

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Type: Private
Headquarters: Horsham, PA, USA
Country: USA
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@DotVote
Key People
Chuck Warren, President

Meg Watt, Brand Manager

Monolith Registry LLC is a venture backed by Afilias, based in Horsham, PA, USA. It was formed to provide a solution for the chronic problem of misleading and negative political websites. It is a non-partisan entity with no affiliation to any political organizations.

Top Level Domains

.vote and .voto are dedicated to providing a political safe space on the internet where voters can find useful and accurate information from candidates and other legitimate political candidates. Registrants of the domains must abide by the .vote/.voto registration policies, in order to maintain the integrity of the domain. For more information, see .VOTE Registration Policy and .VOTO Registration Policy.


Monolith’s .VOTE application was in a contention set with Donuts' Double Falls, LLC registry. This contention was settled in a private auction held in June 2013, in which Monolith won the exclusive rights to the TLD for an undisclosed amount.


In November 2013, Monolith signed a Registry Agreement with ICANN for .vote and .voto.