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Type: Privately Held
Industry: Registrar
Country: USA
Products: Domain Names
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@namesilo
Key People
Kristaps Ronka, CEO

NameSilo is an ICANN-accredited domain Registrar and web hosting company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona that was launched in 2010. It is owned by NameSilo Technologies Corp., which is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (an alternative stock exchange for micro-cap and emerging companies). NameSilo provides DNS, web hosting, email services, SSL certificates, and other website products, they also provide aftermarket services through marketplace and drop-catching platforms.[1]

They are known for low pricing, they focus on domains and nothing else. They ensure not to incur the expensive overhead associated with the infrastructure. Their main objective is: to provide customers with a low-cost solution for their website needs without compromising on the quality of our platforms, features, and support.


NameSilo LLC was initially founded in 2010 by a trio of entrepreneurs. They built up the platform from scratch and got it accredited with ICANN. The team saw their opportunity in building a business focused on low-cost domains with lots of value-added features (such as free WHOIS privacy, domain parking, e-mail, and great support) without overcharging customers.

Company Growth

In 2015, they launched a low-commission marketplace, allowing customers to buy and sell NameSilo domains. This marked a key milestone in the expansion of their services. By mid-2017, NameSilo reached one million active domains under management, which placed NameSilo in the top 1% of the ICANN accredited registrar around the world. 

In early 2018, Brisio Innovations (who later renamed NameSilo Technologies Corp) acquired NameSilo LLC to help grow the business faster. As part of the deal, a new team came in, including Kristaps Ronka (CEO). By late 2018, they crossed 2 million active domains under management, and less than a year after that, they surpassed 3 million active domains. In late 2018, NameSilo also acquired NamePal, which was an important milestone for the business, after this acquisition, they expanded the capabilities to include drop-catching and hosting. 

In early 2019 the product team has been hard at work adding new features like website builder, SSL, email, and by late 2019 they included premium DNS and logo makers.

Today NameSilo have +3.5 million active domains.

Business Structure

  • NameSilo – main business, domain registrar
  • NameLot - domain sales/brokerage platform[2]
  • – backorder platform[3]

NameSilo Main Customers

  •  Domainers (biggest customer): They try to sell their domains eg:
  •  SMB (small business)/start-ups
  •  Resellers
  •  Industry professionals

Products and Services

  • Domain Registration – domain name registration transfer and renewal
  • Web Hosting – 3 hosting packages
  • SSL certificate options along with some security services
  • Affiliate and reseller plans
  • Logo Maker
  • Email forwarding - directing email sent to one email address to a different email address
  • Domain forwarding: automatically directs domain visitors to a different location on the web

NameSilo Popular TLD

The growth of the new gTLDs over the past few years has caused everyone to try and anticipate the next big thing so as to get in on the ground floor. To help with this analysis, NameSilo started publishing monthly reports on their registration data which can be found on the NameSilo blog site. These reports include data on the top sold TLDs and top growing TLDs vs the previous month. The most popular domain extensions for their customers over the past year have been .com (still the leader) followed by .xyz, .top, .buzz, and .net.

NameSilo DNS management

The DNS management option we are offering allows the domain owners to manage their DNS records by specifying the servers where their hosts will be. It includes several like email and domain forwarding, checking domain DNS history, managing portfolio, managing sub-accounts if the owner of the account wants to share the account access with other people to manage the domain and hosting, domain parking, Locking/Unlocking domains, and get EPP code for transfers.