Nenad Marinkovic

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Organization: Plug In
Affiliation: ALAC
Fellowship Program
Stakeholder Group(s): Civil Society/Non-Governmental
End User
Region: Europe
Country: Serbia

Nenad Marinkovic is ICT manager, with experience in different fields, volunteering in ngo PlugIn with idea to support internet development and multi stakeholder dialogue, locally and general. He has experience in manufacturing, engineering and sales of ICT solutions, some period spent in national registry of internet domain names

Career History

Telemetry (2014 - ?) Telecommunication services and solutions PlugIn (2012 - ?) Promotion of internet and multistakeholder dialogue, projects regarding internet implementation and governance ENEL PS (2012 - 2014) Data centers, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance RNIDS (2009 - 2012) CcTld registry of .rs and cyrillic IDN domain name

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