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Upon the initiation of any policy development process (PDP), an Issue Report is prepared that defines the scope of inquiry for the PDP working group. Because of the procedural timing, a request to initiate a PDP also request the creation of an issue report.


The ICANN Bylaws establish the procedures by which an issue report may be requested:

GNSO Policy Development Process

ccNSO Policy Development Process

of the ccNSO may vote to request that the Council initiate a PDP at a meeting or via email.[2]

Staff Manager & Issue Manager

A GNSO Issue Report is drafted by a "Staff Manager," who is a member of ICANN Staff (and typically a member of the GNSO support staff). A ccNSO Issue Report is drafted by an appointed "Issue Manager," who can be a member of ICANN Staff (and, again, typically a member of ccNSO support staff) or an individual not employed by ICANN. In the event the Issue Manager is not ICANN staff, the ccNSO is responsible for compensation and expenses of the Issue Member.[2]

Public Comment

A preliminary issue report is published for public comment prior to the finalization of the issue report. The Staff Manager or Issue Manager is responsible for producing a summary analysis of comments received during the comment period. ICANN Bodies are notified of the preliminary report when the public comment period is opened.


The issue report is intended to define the issues being addressed by the policy development process. At a minimum, it will contain: background information, including the procedural history of the request for a PDP; a description of the issues being addressed; a description of how the issues have impacted ICANN or the ICANN body or membership that requested the initiation of the PDP; and a recommendation by the Issue Manager on whether or not to initiate the PDP. The Bylaws contain additional requirements for the GNSO and ccNSO procedures, but the list above is common to both.

Although there is no requirement to address public comments within the report itself, received comments are often addressed within the final issue report to provide context and background for any alterations made to the scope, issues addressed, or other aspects of the PDP process that were a result of public comment and feedback.


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