Pablo Rodriguez

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Pablo rodriguez.jpg
Organization: NIC.PR
Affiliation: ccNSO
Region: North America
Country: Puerto Rico
Facebook: Facebook.png   Pablo Rodriguez

Pablo Rodriguez is the Executive Vice-President at NIC.PR [1] which manages the registry for Puerto Rico's ccTLD, .pr.

Mr. Rodriguez is a member of the CcNSO Strategic and Operational Planning Working Group.[2]

Meetings and Workshops

Pablo attended ICANN Brussels,[3] ICANN Seoul,[4] ICANN Carthage,[5] ICANN Paris,[6], and ICANN Silicon Valley, where he gave a presentation titled "Domain System Threat Landscape."[7]

He attended the 6th Caribbean Internet Governance Forum.[8] Mr. Rodriguez particpated in the SSIG in 2011.[9] He was an instructor at Workshop on Technical Aspects for ccTLDs in 2010.[10]


During the 8th annual South School on Internet Governance, Rodriguez was a keynote speaker on the subject of DNSSEC implementation. In his presentation, Rodriguez examined the various barriers to DNSSEC implementation within Latin America. He described the urgency behind universal adaptation, linking it with human rights. [11]


Rodriguez obtained his BA in Biology from the City University of New York, and an MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix.


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