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Country: UK

Phil Davidson is a member of ICANN's Technical Liaison Group, representing the International Telecommunication Union's ITU-T. He served as one of the voting members of ICANN's 2011 Nominating Committee (NomCom) and the 2008 NomCom. Mr. Davidson also served as one of the initial members of the ICANN Board, representing the Protocol Supporting Organization (PSO) from 1999-2002. He was also the former Head of the BT Group's Standards Department.

While serving as BT Group's Head of Standards, he represented the company at the ITU-T TSAG Committee, World Telecommunications Standards Assembly (WTSA) and Plenipotentiary Conference. He also served as the United Kingdom's Deputy Head of Delegation to TSAG and UK delegate to the ITU-WTSA and PP conferences and served as Co-ordinator and Head of delegation to theITU-T SG13 and SG11.

Phil Davidson led the establishment of the Global Partnership Project for Third Generation Mobile (3GPP) standards when he was serving as a member of the Board of European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) and member of the Project Co-ordination Group. He actively participated in different Key Strategy Groups of the organization. Phil was also involved in the Federation of the Electronics Industry Board (FEI). He started working on Transmission Planning and Works, Data Strategy and International event organizing before he focused his career on standardization.

Mr. Davidson graduated in 1968 from Salford University with a first class degree in Electrical Engineering Science.[1] [2] [3]


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