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Country: UK

Philip Sheppard is an elected representative on ICANN's GNSO. He is one of the thirteen board members of the International Public Relations Association, and chairs the Presidential Committee on Governance Change. He is also a freeman of the Merchant Taylors' Company of the City of London.

Mr. Sheppard is a member of the IRT Group and the Chair of Operations Steering Committee.[1] He is also the Public Affairs Manager for the European Brands Association - AIM. He is an Officer of the Commercial and Business Constituency.[2]

Philip Sheppard was brought on as the Policy Director of Sedari in November, 2011. Sedari was formed in that year as a new gTLD registry services management company. He was previously the director of public affairs for AIM, the European Brands Agency.[3]

He can speak French and English

Career History

Mr. Sheppard has worked with the oil company Shell, the consultants Ernst & Young, and most recently with a European trade association. He was elected as the President of IPRA in 2007. Before joining Ernst & Young, he ran his own PR company for some years.

He has also held the position of Public Affairs Manager for an association representing both multi-national organisations and national associations throughout Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

He was apppointed the European Brands Association in 1995.

Work with ICANN

Philip has been participating in ICANN since 1999. He has been a member of the Business Users Constituency. He has been chair of the DNSO Names Council two times and has chaired issue task forces on review and on structure.

He participated in the ICNG in 2002. He chaired the GNSO Council Committee on new gTLDs in 2003.[4] In 2004, he chaired the .Net Re-delegation Subcommittee and in 2004 served on the President's Committee on the WIPO II request.[5]

He attends ICANN Meetings[6][7][8] IPCC meetings.[9]

He led debate on IPRA’s latest code of ethical conduct, the Code of Brussels 2007, which applies to public affairs practitioners.[10]