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A Policy Status Report (PSR) is an ICANN staff-generated report that provides an overview of a policy, PDP, or EPDP. It includes general data, analyses, and the history of the policy or process for the consideration of the GNSO Council and ICANN Community. It serves a basis for further review activities, such as the next phase of an EPDP, or as a standalone report for assessment of the policy.[1]

The Consensus Policy Implementation Framework describes the process for the initiation of a PSR in the normal course of policy implementation:

After there has been adequate time to generate data and metrics to evaluate implemented policy recommendations, Compliance and GNSO Policy Staff should provide a Post-Implementation Policy Status Report to the GNSO Council with sufficient data and metrics to assess the impact of the policy. Unless a data collection and reporting timeframe is specifically recommended by a Policy Development Process Working Group, generally the Policy Status Report should be provided within 18 to 24 months of the policy’s effective date. The Policy Status Report may serve as the basis for further review and/or revisions to the policy recommendations if deemed appropriate.[2]