Shavkat Sabirov

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Affiliation: Internet Association of Kazakhstan
Country: Kazakhstan
Email: ssabirov [at]
LinkedIn: link=Shavkat Sabirov   [Shavkat Sabirov Shavkat Sabirov]

Shavkat Sabirov is Internet Association of Kazakhstan, President NGO which represents the internet-community of Kazakhstan, ISPs, major websites and business-owners. He was also an ICANN Fellow at ICANN 53 - Buenos Aires. He also a part of RIPE NCC, an organization that hosted a regional meeting in Almaty, Kazakhstan on June 2013. [1]


Mr. Sabirov is interested in DNSSEC, Internet Governance, Intellectual Property Rights, IPv6 and Security.

Fun Fact

Shavkat worked under draft laws in Kazakhstan in the Internet field. As a result, there are now laws pertaining to mass media, Internet intellectual property, and e-commerce.


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