Tenanoia Veronica Simona

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Country: Tuvalu
Email: nanoia [at] gmail.com
LinkedIn: link=Tenanoia Veronica Simona   [Tenanoia Veronica Simona Tenanoia Veronica Simona]

Tenanoia Veronica Simona is an IT Manager with Tuvalu Telecommunication Corporation, where she assists with overall management and technical issues within the company.[1]

Career History

Community Involvement

Tenanoia is an active ICANN Fellow, who is also involved in the IETF. She is interested in learning more about ICANN's work, increasing her efforts within the IGF. Her specific interests include CcTLDs, Internet governance, IPv6 and telecommunication.


Tenanoia received her Masters in IT Management at the University of Sydney. [2]

Fun Fact