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Thomas Roessler is a mathematician by formal education, and a geek with an interest in the net's technology and its interaction with society by passion. Thomas started out around ICANN as a frequent poster to certain mailing lists.[1] He ended up as the DNSO General Assembly's last chair, a veteran of the WhoIs wars, one of the first two people to leave the At-Large Advisory Committee (in early 2005), and ALAC's liaison to the GNSO Council during that time. Thomas occasionally blogs about ICANN at No Such Weblog. He was formerly a non-voting member of the ICANN Board, where he represented the Technical Liaison Group from 2011 to 2012, as well as 2008 to 2009.[2]

In late 2004, Thomas joined the World Wide Web Consortium's staff to focus more on the technical side of the net. He now serves as W3C's Security Activity Lead, and is involved in the European PrimeLife and PrivacyOS projects.


Mr. Roessler has previously excused himself from discussing and influencing votes on issues related to ICANN's new gTLD program as per a 2011 conflict of interests policy. He excused himself from a vote in December, 2011, but as of February, 2012, he was once again voting on issues related to new gTLDs.[3]

DNSO Transition

Mr. Roessler was the chair of the DNSO when it disbanded, following the membership renunciation of the ccTLD managers that resulted in the creation of the ccNSO and the DNSO's replacement, the GNSO. In his farewell email, Thomas wrote, ""At some point of time between 9:10 and 9:40 a.m. Amsterdam time on Sunday [15 December 2002], the DNSO ceased to be (and will, perhaps not unlike a phoenix from the ashes, become the GNSO).." His entire farewell email can be found here.


Career History

  • Technical Liaison Group's Non-Voting Liaison to the Board of Directors at ICANN
  • Researcher at University of Bonn.[5]