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Type: Privately Held
Industry: Network and Communications
Founded: Brisbane, CA, USA, 1999
Founder(s): Rodney Joffe
Headquarters: 1000 Marina Blvd #600
Brisbane, CA 94005
Country: USA
Employees: 51-200
Revenue: $333 mil (parent company rev?)[1]
Website: http://www.ultradns.com
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@ultradns
Key People
Rodney Joffe, chairman, CEO

UltraDNS is a subsidiary of NeuStar. UltraDNS offers DNS and traffic management services. UltraDNS claim their managed DNS solutions are "capable of processing thousands of queries per second."[2] Services offered by UltraDNS are mainly targeted towards companies and businesses rather than individuals, UltraDNS provides "solutions to organizations that rely on DNS for their critical business processes, applications and services." [3]


The domain ultradns.com was registered on June 29th, 1998; [4] but the company was founded in 1999, in Brisbane, California.[5]

An article featured in the edition of Business Wire that appeared on July 31st, 2000, mentioned UltraDNS as being the "First Company to Offer Outsourced Infrastructure Solutions for Large, Directory-Initiated Applications".[6]

UltraDNS provides DNS services to important names in the online industry like Oracle.com, LinkedIn.com, Myspace.com, Amazon.com, Gap.com, Diamond.com, and others.

The company has experienced some problems. On May 31st, 2009, NetworkWorld reported that a number of important websites which used the services of UltraDNS, including Petco.com, Advertising.com, SalesForce.com and Amazon.com, experienced downtime of up to a couple of hours, due to a Distributed Denial of Service attack.[7] A similar report appeared on the ZDNet blog.[8] This was quite a hit to the company as they claim that their services also "protect your customers’ Web operations from DNS-based DDoS attacks and pharming attacks from DNS cache poisoning. Our redundant infrastructure means no single point of failure."[9]

UltraDNS also experienced trouble in 2006, when due to DDoS attacks targeting them, a number of websites that used the services of Prolexic, a company specialized in protecting websites from DDoS attacks, experienced heavy downtime, including the famous Blue Security website of their anti-spam product Blue Frog. Brian Krebs of The Washington Post reported that due to the fact that Prolexic used DNS services from UltraDNS, the attack was concentrated on UltraDNS resulting in the Blue Frog website going down.[10]


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