Walnut Ventures

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Type: Private
Founded: 1997
Founder(s): Ralph Wagner
Headquarters: 1715 Cambridge St

Cambridge,MA 02138

Country: USA
Website: walnut ventures
Key People
Ralph Wagner, Founder

Members: Jim Andrew, Fred Bamber
Edward Belove, Frank Ferguson
Jeff Herrmann, Neil Hudd
Steven Ladd, Richard Lane
Lucinda Linde, Ben Littauer
Michael Mark, David Martirano
Christopher Mirabile, Alok Prasad
David Solomont, James Stuart
Gil Syswerda, Leor Zolman
Arthur Watson, Gene Zimon

Walnut Venture Associates is an investment company in the New England area. Their main focus is in information technology, communications, software and Internet companies.[1] It is a company run by business personnels who are founders and CEO's of more than 20 companies, with experience in the field of marketing, sales, product development, marketing communications and finance. The company has invested in over 225 companies so far. Some of the major investments are Aberdeen Group, Applix, Bowstreet, Cambridge Technology Partners, Event Zero, Fenwick Partners, Granitar, idealab!, Interleaf, Keyfile, Natural MicroSystems, Netegrity and more.[2]


Walnut Ventures has invested in the following companies:

  • Copiun
  • Incentive Targeting
  • iTeam IT
  • Pixability
  • PlaySmrt
  • Powerhouse Dynamics
  • Roam Data
  • Thinking Screen Media
  • Third Solutions[3]


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