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ACIG stands for The Australian Continuous Improvement Group. [1]

ACIG is an independent consulting firm engaged to provide secretariat support to ICANN's Governmental Advisory Committee GAC. ACIG’s services to the GAC are completely funded by three GAC members: Norway, the Netherlands and Brazil. However the ACIG team reports directly to the GAC Chair.

The ACIG GAC Secretariat team consists of Tom Dale, Tracey Hind and Michelle Scott Tucker.

What does the ACIG GAC Secretariat do?

The ACIG GAC Secretariat works in co-operation with ICANN support staff to the GAC, the GAC Chair and Vice Chairs. Some of ACIG’s main tasks include:

• Prepare and distribute agendas, briefing or summary papers, and other preliminary material to support the formal GAC meetings.

• Provide support to the GAC Chair during GAC meetings.

• Provide support and advice to the GAC Leadership Team, GAC members and to the GAC working groups during the time between GAC’s face to face meetings.

• Continuously review and improve the way GAC operates.

• Provide support and assistance to new GAC members.

What else does ACIG do?

At ACIG we collaborate with our government, not-for-profit and private sector clients to significantly improve their performance.

The collaborative effort can take many forms but the outcomes we achieve, together, are all about improvement. The broad range of our work falls into three service offerings.

• Evaluate. Understand how you are performing, whether you are reaching your goals, and inform your decisions about what to do next.

• Improve. Do better with less. And ensure that any cultural changes are sustained so that people’s efforts improve over time.

• Innovate. Reduce cost and risk while improving performance. Use new approaches to service delivery which address your complex challenges.

In business for over twenty years, ACIG has built an outstanding reputation for delivering high quality services. ACIG has worked successfully in Australia with federal, state and local government agencies as well as with the private sector. ACIG consultants are also active internationally, working with the Asian Development Bank and other NGOs throughout the world. [1]


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