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    The ICANN 76 - Cancun Playing Card Deck is a special edition of the longstanding ICANNWiki tradition. For ICANN 76, ICANNWiki created a special deck of playing cards. The process went as follows: 52 members of the ICANN Community were interviewed to gain insights into their personalities, relationship to ICANN, and favorite fantasy, superhero, and fictional characters. Then, we sent recordings of the interviews to Sean Usyk, who specializes in high-fantasy illustrations. Sean created the characters and designed the card back and box. Finally, we sent the images to Shuffled Ink to make the decks of cards. See all Playing Card Decks.


    On May 16, the CEO Search Committee sought input from the community in a listening session to help build a candidate profile and job description. The key takeaway was that the ICANN Board should consider splitting the role into two positions such as CEO + COO or president + CEO. Some reasons included that the requirements for being public facing differ significantly from those of running ICANN's internal daily operations, it's too much work for one person, and it's easier to find two people with the desired characteristics than finding one to fit the bill. It was also suggested that when hired, the CEO could start a search for a COO and that the Board should consider factoring into its search that there may be a second chief operations hire.

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