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Welcome to ICANNWiki, a project to create a free, complete, up-to-date, and reliable guide to the world of ICANN. It is intended for use by people attending ICANN conferences as well as those following what's happening from afar. So far we have 8,114 articles written and, of course, have plenty more to do!

You are more than welcome to help ... well actually, we really need your help editing the information being added! If you're interested, please just make a login and get started if you're familiar with Wiki and if not, send any one of us (Ray, Andrew or Caterina) an e-mail and we'll get you going!

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Peter Dengate Thrush

Peter Dengate Thrush is a barrister specializing in internet law, intellectual property and competition. He is the current Chairman of the Board of Directors of ICANN, a positon he has held since November, 2007. He was most recently re-elected following the ICANN Annual General Meeting in December, 2010. Thrush also currently sits on the ICANN President's Strategy, Board Finance, Board Governance and Executive committees. During his tenure, Thrush has overseen one of the most important changes to the Internet and TLDs by beginning the process of allowing domains to be registered using non latin characters. He has also chaired the Board as they debate the mode for introducing new gTLDs, the .xxx debate, and celebrated ICANN's 10th more

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dotBerlin GmbH & Co. KG is a company proposing a new GeoTLD that creates a new regional domainspace through identification with the city of Berlin. Currently, the company is lobbying within ICANN for the creation and allocation of the .berlin name space, through the implementation of the new gTLD process. The company predicts that in the future, private individuals, companies, and organizations will register their Internet addresses with .berlin domains; such as,, etc. The dotBerlin domain is meant to represent the community of Berlin, which distinguishes it from the other international Internet addresses. Presently, the company is supporting ICANN in the new gTLD guideline procedure. After the .berlin domain is introduced, registration of domains can be expected to begin the following year. dotBerlin's mission is to give Berlin identity to Berliners, their organizations, their companies and their locations by supporting them with the .berlin domain more


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