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Region: Africa
Country: USA
Email: mbashir [at]
LinkedIn: LinkedInIcon.png   Mohamed El Bashir
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @hope4alll
ICANNLogo.png Currently a member
of ICANN's NomCom

Userboxcards.png Featured in the ICANN 42 - Senegal playing card deck

ICANNLogo.png Formerly a member

ICANNLogo.png Formerly a member

Mohamed El Bashir is a veteran ICANN Community participant and Internet and Regulatory Policy expert. He is a former member of ICANN's ALAC, former ccNSO Council member, former chair of AFRALO and co-chair of the IANA Coordination Working Group (ICG). [1] He is considered on expert on Internet Infrastructure management, DNS, ccTLDs, and IDNs.[2] He has experience establishing and managing national ccTLD and gTLD registries.

As a native of Sudan, he founded its ISOC chapter in 2001; the chapter went on to become the manager of Sudan's .sd ccTLD in 2002. He acted as its President until 2008.[3] He served as the Technical Director State of Qatar's Communications Regulatory Authority, where he established and managed the country ccTLD (.QA), IDN (.Qatar in Arabic and cityTLD (.Doha) Registry and also helped in establishing Qatar's ISOC chapter.[4]

He was elected Vice-President of AfTLD in 2006,[5] he served through 2008.[6]

Mr. El Bashir was appointed to ICANN's 2012 NomCom as the representative of AFRALO.[7]

Career History

Previously he was the Technical Director of Qatar's Communications Regulatory Authority, where he established and managed Qatar's Domains Registry ( .QA Registry ), his recent projects include applying for and implementing Qatar's .qa and IDN ccTLD. The process began in late 2010 with the IANA root delegation, he is guiding it through its Sunrise Period as of July, 2011. Qatar's IDN ccTLD will go public registrations on the 1st of November 2011.

He has participated in ICANN's IDN Working Group, IDN Variants Project, and the President's Advisory Committee on IDN (IDNPAC); he is a NomCom member, Former ALAC and ccNSO council member. He has been a part of the ALAC since 2006, and he served two terms on the ccNSO Council between 2004 - 2011.[8] His interest and work with IDNs also involves participating in other forums that encourage the use of non-Latin characters on Internet forums and applications, such as Social Media and Twitter;[9] he's served as a Committee Member of AKMS Multi-Lingual Internet Initiative.[10]

Qualifications and Industry Participation

Mr. Bashir has extensive experience with ccTLDs and their IDN versions. He has taken international certification courses for a number of different specializations; these include ICANN DNS root training courses in China and Tunis, and business communication courses at Georgetown University, USA.[11]

Mohamed El Bashir has participated in numerous ICANN meetings and other industry fora, such as WSIS, ISOC's INET conferences, IGF, AfTLD, and regional African meetings addressing ICT development on the continent.[12] One such regional project, TESSA, involves helping rural teachers develop educational resources in a number of African languages. He is also interested in projects that make PDA devices available to rural schools in developing areas.[13]

Previous Work

Mr. Bashir's past work includes tenures at The Open University of Sudan, Sudan Telecom (Sudatel), and CyberGates Co.[14]

In 2001, he established the NGO Sudan Internet Society with a group of fellow IT experts; their work focuses on encouraging the use of digital technologies to foster economic growth and education. It went on the become the manager of the Sudanese ccTLD.[15]


Mohamed El Bashir has a Master of Business Administration from the University of Manchester, Manchester Business School, and Business Executive Education from MIT Solan Business School.[16].