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| logo            = [[File:Legoland.jpg]]
| founded        = Carlsbad, CA, March, 1999
| ownership      = Merlin Entertainment
| businesses      = theme miniature park
| website        = [http://california.legoland.com/]
| facebook        = [http://www.facebook.com/legolandcalifornia]
= Legoland California Resort =
* Something else
* link to article describing [[Dustin Phillips]]
is a theme and miniature park located in Carlsbad, California. The park of owned by Merlin Entertainment.
* link to [[Aardvark]]
== History ==
'''LEGOLAND California Resort''' is a 128-acre park geared specially towards youngsters ages two through 12. With over 50 family rides, "hands-on" attractions and shows, LEGOLAND California provides education, adventure and fun in this first park of its kind in the United States.
'''MERLIN ENTERTAINMENTS''' is the leading name in location-based, family entertainment, and has seen the most successful and dynamic growth of any company in the sector over the last five years. Europe’s Number 1 and the world’s second-largest visitor attraction operator, Merlin now operates 87 attractions, six hotels/two holiday villages in 19 countries and across four continents.
== Timeline ==
*'''1999''' park opens
*'''2000''' Spellbreaker, Aquazone Wave Racers
*'''2001''' Technic Coaster
*'''2002''' LEGO Racer
*'''2003''' Legoland Sports Jam
*'''2004''' Dino Island, Coastersaurus, Spellbreaker Removed
*'''2005''' Knight’s Tournament; Wild Woods Golf; Freedom Tower model in Miniland New York
*'''2006''' Pirate Shores
*'''2007''' Las Vegas Miniland, Captain Cranky’s Challenge
*'''2008''' Land of Adventure; Sea Life Aquarium
*'''2009''' Dune Raiders
*'''2010''' Legoland Waterpark
*'''2011''' Star Wars Miniland; Splash Zoo (in Legoland Waterpark)
*'''2012''' Pirate Reef,Star Wars Miniland Expansion; Claws exhibit at Sea Life Aquarium
*'''2013''' Legoland Hotel, LEGO Legends of Chima, Junior Conceirge Contest

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