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Afghanistan School on Internet Governance (AfSIG).png
Type: Internet Governance School
Founded: 2017
Headquarters: Afghanistan
Country: Afghanistan
Website: Afghanistan School on Internet Governance
Facebook: AfghanistanSIG
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@nitpaafg
Key People
Said Zazai

Ahmad Waleed Khaliqi
Mohibullah Utmankhil
Abdul Khalil Azizi
Shamsullah Shams
Nasrat Khalid

The Afghanistan School on Internet Governance (AfSIG) Helps Interested Students, academics, researchers, and individual professionals from the Academia, Civil Society and NGOs, Government and Public Sector, Technical Community and Private Sector to understand better the global Internet Governance controversy and to get a comprehensive and structured knowledge on the various aspects of Internet Governance. Organized by National IT Professional Association of Afghanistan (NITPAA) the AfSIG is an annual school covering the political, legal, economic, socio-cultural, technological dimensions of the Internet Governance in regards to the global and Afghanistan’s National necessities.

AfSIG has collaborations with various other Schools on Internet Governance across the world and is working closely with Asia Pacific School on Internet Governance (APSIG)[1]


The main aim of the AfSIG is to help individuals from Afghanistan in order to better understand the national, regional and international Internet Governance issues, settings, and processes, while gaining access to comprehensive and structured knowledge on various aspects of Internet Governance, and the actors, issues and settings surrounding it. The relevant global organizations like APNIC, APTLD, ISOC and ICANN support such initiatives. According to their policy, they are committed to strengthen the understanding of Internet Governance within stakeholder groups.

Topics covered during AfSIG: [2]

  • Internet Governance Introduction, history and principles
  • Multistakeholder Model and the Stakeholders
  • Internet Ecosystem in Afghanistan
  • DNS System
  • Asia and the Next Billion: Challenges in Digital Inclusion
  • Local Language Support
  • Local Content Development
  • Panel Discussion: Internet Access, Infrastructure, government policy for its development
  • Digital Divide
  • IG Perspectives: Governmental – Telecom Regulation
  • IG Perspectives: Governmental – Asan Khedmat
  • Cyber Security
  • IG Perspective: Human Rights on the Internet
  • Domain Name Industry & .AF
  • Panel: ICT for Education

AfSIG 2017 [3]

On 26th and 27th April 2017, the first edition of Afghanistan School on Internet Governance was held with 38 participants and 20 local and international speakers from 7 countries in Kabul. Most of the international speakers presented remotely. The AfSIG 2017 was organized by National IT Professionals Association of Afghanistan (NITPAA). It was supported by APSIG, apTLD, ICANN, APNIC, Karwan University, Liwal Soft, Wasel Telecom, Io global,


No Participant Name No Participant Name
1 Abdul Tawab Stanikzai 20 Obaidullah Ahmadi
2 Khairuddin Rasouli 21 Mohammad Ajmal
3 Noorullah Rasooli 22 Mursal Sultan
4 Masuma Rasuli 23 Ajmal Mayar
5 Zalanda 24 Mujeeb Sabri
6 Mursal Sahak 25 Zamarai Nijrabi
7 Walid Saedi 26 Muhammad Salem Qasemi
8 Mohammad Idress Naeemy 27 Ahmad Zia Zaland
9 Abdul Rahmad Azizi 28 Hasibullah
10 Mariam Durani 29 Pardes Zadran
11 Baktash Manocher 30 Shamsullah Shams
12 Shakeeb Rahmati 31 Sadaf Waziri
13 Farkhunda Raufi 32 Nooria Ahmadi
14 Ahmad Reshad Aslami 33 Roheed Safai
15 Mohammad badar hashimi 34 Mursal Saier
16 Mohibullah Sidique 35 Nilofar Ahmadi
17 Farid Hamdard 36 Mashal Baqi
18 Sayed Ahmad Fahim Masoumi 37 Mohammad Nasir Ahmadzai
19 Terina Yousufzai 38 Abdul Nasir Azizi

Program Schedule [4]

Day 1: Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Time Code Topic/Activity Speakers Videos Presentation
08:00 D10 Registration
08:45 Opening Ceremony
9:10 Participants Introduction
9:30 D11 Internet Governance Introduction, History and principles
10:30 Tea Break
11:00 D12 Multistakeholder Model and the Stakeholders Rinalia Abdul Rahim, ICANN Board Video Slides
11:30 D13 Internet Ecosystem in Afghanistan Abdul Khalil azizi, AUAF & NITPAA Video Slides
12:00 D14 DNS System Ahmadullah Alnoor, Microsoft & NITPAA Video Slides
13:00 Lunch & Namaz Break
14:00 D16 Asia and the Next Billion: Challenges in Digital Inclusion Satish Babu, ICANN APRALO Coming soon Slides
14:30 D17 Local Language Support Said Zazai, AUAF & NITPAA Video Slides
15:00 D18 Local Content Support Qudratullah Hiwadpal, Barya & NITPAA Video Slides
15:30 D19 Panel: Internet Access, Infrastructure, government policy for its development Said Zazai (AUAF, NITPAA), Aimal Marjan (Former Deputy Minister MCIT), Javid Hamdard (Karwan University), Natraja Sappany (Wasel Telecom) Video
16:30 Tea Break
17:00 D20 Closing of the Day

Day 2: Thursday, 27 April 2017

Time Code Topic/Activity Speakers Videos Presentation
08:30 D21 Digital Divide Shamsullah Shams, Ahmad Waleed Khaliqi ( MoIC & NITPAA) Video Slides
9:30 D22 IG Perspective: Governmental - Telecom Regulation Ata Mohammad Yari, ATRA Video Slides
10:00 D23 IG Perspective: Governmental - Asan Khedmat Shahzad Aryobee Video Slides
10:30 Tea Break
11:00 D24 IG Prespective: Humen Rights on the Internet Nighat Dad, Digital Rights Foundation Coming Soon Slides
11:30 D24 Women's Rights, Gender and IG Nooria Ahmadi, NitLinks & NITPAA Video Slides
12:00 D25 Cyber Security Adli Wahid, APNIC Video Slides
13:00 Lunch & Namaz Break
14:00 D26 Domain Name Industry & .AF Leonid Todorov, APTLD Video Slides
15:00 D27 Panel: ICT for Education Video
16:00 Tea Break
16:30 D29 Distribution of Certificates and Closing

Program Committee Members:

No Name
1 Ahmad Waleed Khaliqi
2 Said Zazai
3 Abdul Khalil Azizi
4 Nasrat Khalid
5 Shamsullah Shams
6 Mohibullah Utmankhil
7 Nooria Ahmadi
8 Sadaf Waziri
9 Khaksar Weqar
10 Zabeeh Khan
11 Rohid Safai
12 Qudratullah Hiwadpal
13 Javid Hamdard

Closing Ceremony

One the final day of AfSIG 2017, all the participants and Speakers were given certificates for participating in AfSIG 2017. All the volunteers from NITPAA and Karwan University, who helped in organizing the program were also given certificates.

Documentation & Archiving [5] [6]

All the videos filmed and course material used in AfSIG 2017 was documented and is available on AfSIG website and NITPAA YouTube Channel. the links to Videos and Slides are also available on the above tables for everyone to access.

AfSIG 2017 Highlights Video

AfSIG 2017 Testimonial Video

Blogs on AfSIG 2017

following are the title of the blogs written on AfSIG 2017

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AfSIG 2018

AfSIG being an annual program will be held in Q2 of 2018 in Afghanistan.