Afifa Abbas

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AfifaAbbas sketch.jpg
Organization: Banglalink Digital Communications Limited
Affiliation: Fellowship Program
Stakeholder Group(s): Technical Community
Region: Asia
Country: Bangladesh
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Afifa Abbas is working as an Information Security and Governance Lead Engineer in a telecommunication operator in Bangladesh. It has been 2 years and 8 months Afifa has started her career as IT Security professionals and she is very much passionate about her job and wants to be addressed as a preventer who will prevent internet from culprits. Afifa as a person is very ambitious and love to challenge herself with ambitious targets. Afifa has a deep interest on mastering the art of hacking as she believes to prevent it is important to understand a hackers mind.

Career History

Banglalink Digital Communication Limited (From July 2014 to present) : Afifa joined Banglalink as an IT Network Associate Administrator and she worked in this role for a year. Later she got to switch in Information security area and it has been almost 2 years she is working in this role and she enjoys her job.

Augers Wireless Limited (Qubee) from April 2014 to June 2015 : Afifa's first job was at Qubee as a System Engineer in the department of Radio Access Network.

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

Afifa got to know about ICANN in APNIC conferences. Later she was privileged enough to join ICANN At-large and ICANN capacity building working group. She attended meetings remotely on that two areas. For ICANN58 Afifa received the award of fellowship and wants to contribute in her area of interest. She wants to get engaged on RSSAC and SSAC.


Afifa has studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering from BRAC University Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2013. Currently she is pursuing her masters degree in telecommunication engineering in North South University Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Afifa has several publications. Her thesis work "Face Recognication using FPGA board on FFT algorithm" got published in Germany by Lambert publication. She has contributed two blogs posts for APNIC.

- Never leave your crown in garage (Based on Women in ICT session at APNIC42)

- The day I got APNIC fellowship (Based on the dreamy experience of APNIC fellowship)


At the very early stage of career Afifa's achievement is remarkable. She received APNIC fellowship in 2015. She got the scholarship of CISCO Global Cyber Security on December 2016. She is one of the recipients of ICANN58 fellowship. Recently she has been awarded as a Honorable Mention in a category of Aspiring Woman Leader in Inspiring Women Award 2017 by Bangladesh Brand Forum on March 2017. Afifa has got a role model recognition from by her employer for having the competency continuous learning. During her student life she has got several VC and DEAN certificates for excellent academic performance. She also got a compliment certificate from London Trinity College for participating in debate competition.