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Country: Canada
Email: alan.greenberg [at]
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   Alan Greenberg
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Alan Greenberg is a self-employed Consultant at Greenberg ICT Services, where he works both paid and pro-bono with national and international donor agencies related to the ICT industry in developing countries.[1] He is currently a member of ALAC,[2] and has been the ALAC Liaison to the GNSO Council since 2006.[3]

Career History

From 1967 to 1999, Greenberg was the Director of Computing and Telecommunications at McGill University. This position included software design and development, education technology support, management and policy development. He also taught courses in computer architecture and design. During this period, Alan played a large role in Internet development in Canada.[4]

Mr. Greenberg was part of the founding group of NetNorth, the first Canadian national research network. In the early 1980s, his department at McGill ran the network's hub for Quebec. He served as Executive Secretary, and oversaw NetNorth's replacement by CA*net, the first Canadian national IP network. He served as a charter member of CA*net's Board, as well as a charter member of CANARIE, which functionally replaced CA*net several years later.

He was also the founding chair of RISQ, the Quebec regional network, and continued to manage RISQ until his retirement from McGill in 1999.[5]

ICANN-related positions

Beginning in 1995, Alan began participating in and managing ISOC workshops teaching personnel from developing countries how to build, support, manage and use the Internet in their countries.[6] He was an elected member of the ISOC Board of Trustees from 2001 to 2004, and has participated in WSIS 1 and 2.

He was appointed to the Interim ALAC by the Nominating Committee in 2006, and at his first meeting was appointed to be the organization's liaison to the GNSO Council. In 2008/2009, he took on an additional role as a member of the ALAC Executive Committee, where he took responsibility for administrative policies for the organization. For 2009/2010, he also served as one of two ALAC Vice-Chairs.

Alan played an integral part in the working group that developed the GNSO's organizational structure, and was a member of the the STI group that worked on developing consensus positions for trademark issues related to new gTLDs, where he helped to bridge the gap between the Non-Commercial Users and At-Large, and the Business and ISP Constituencies. He also managed the progress of the Issues Report on Domain Tasting, which resulted in a PDP that eliminated Domain Tasting, and has worked to protect the rights of registrants in the Post-Expiration Domain Name Recovery PDP.[7]


Alan received a BSc in Mathematics and Physics and an MSc in Computer Science from McGill University.[8]


  • Alan was interviewed by Gray Chynoweth at ICANN 41 in Singapore about what new gTLDs will mean for the developing world.
  • Alan was interviewed by Gray at ICANN 34 in Mexico City about consensus and consensus policy in ICANN.