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Type: Association
Industry: Internet
Founded: 1989
Headquarters: C1008AAD - Ciudad Autónoma

de Buenos Aires

Country: Argentina
Key People
Ariel Graizer, President
Antonio Harris, Executive Director
Claudio Avin, Manager
Graciela Sanchez,Administrator
Lic. Silvana Landolfo, Institutional Coordinator
Dra. Mónica Abalo y Laforgia, Legal advice

CABASE is an Internet Service Providers, Telecommunications, Datacenter Solutions and Online Content Companies Association in Argentina that was founded in 1989. It is a member of the ISPC, and its Executive Director, Antonio Harris, was elected in 2007 as representative of the GNSO within ICANN's Nominating Committee.[1]

The Association is one of the founding members of the Latin America and Caribbean Federation for Internet and Electronic Commerce (eCom-LAC) and the Latin American and the Caribbean Addresses Registry (LACNIC).[2] CABASE is an active participant of international forums regarding the Internet and Information Communication Technology such as the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and the World Summit of the Information Society (WSIS), among others.


In April, 1998, CABASE hosted the Argentina NAP, a national Internet traffic exchange originating and terminating within Argentina and exchanging in the United States using an international Infrastructure Network. This conference enabled the improvement of Argentina's internet connectivity. As a result of this activity CABASE NAP was formed with 40 members representing Internet Service Providers, Operators, Government Agencies and Research Institutions.[3]

Radio Nexo

CABASE is using the power of the media to disseminate information regarding relevant issues about the Internet in Argentina via its radio program "Bridging the Gap" on Nexus Radio.[4]


CABASE has been directly involved in sponsoring and participating in ICANN meetings, especially those that have been held in Argentina.

CABASE hosted the 22nd International Board of Director Public Meeting of ICANN in 2005 which was held in Mar del Plata, Argentina. The issues discussed at the meeting concerned included DNSSEC, domain name hijacking, the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS), Whois Policy Development, and deployment of Internationalized Domain Names (IDN).[5]

On November 27, 2009, CABASE and ICANN co-organized an event, " The Future of the Internet", which presented the challenges and innovations of the Internet. The event was held in Buenos Aires, and it was sponsored by Intel, Google, Verisign, Afilias, LACNIC, and others.[6]