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Cross Community Committee on Accessibility is a Cross Community group within ICANN concerned with issues of accessibility, specifically the ability of peoples across the globe to participate meaningfully in Internet governance policy development. The populations the CCCA are concerned with vary, but include "people with disability, indigenous, aboriginal or 'first nation' populations, and other vulnerable populations..."[1]

Staff support leads include Heidi Ullrich and Gisella Gruber.


Affiliation Name Position
Cheryl Langdon-Orr Chair
AFRALO Diakite Hawa Member
APRALO Muhammad Shabbir Member 
APRALO Gunela Astbrink Member 
APRALO Siranush Vardanyan Member 
EURALO Yuliya Morenets Member 
EURALO Jordi Iparraguirre Member 
LACRALO Leon Sanchez Member 
LACRALO Sylvia Herlein Leite Member 
NARALO Garth Bruen Member 
NARALO Joly MacFie Member 
NARALO Judith Hellerstein Member 
SSAC Robert Guerra Member 
GAC Peter Major Advisor
GAC Ana Cristina Amoroso das Neves Member 
GAC Nicolás Caballero Member 
GNSO (IPC) Heather Forrest Member 
GNSO (ISPCP) Thomas Rickert  Member
ICANN Staff (Development and Public Responsibility Programs)
ICANN Staff (Global Stakeholder Engagement) Christopher Mondini Member 
ICANN Staff (Product Management / Digital Engagement) Chris Gift Member
ICANN Staff (Product Management / Digital Engagement) Laura Bengford Member
UNDP, UNCTAD, IGF Dynamic Coalition of Accessibility and Disability Ashwini Sathnur Member
University of Indonesia, PANDI Yudho Giri Sucahyo Member
TRPC Peter Lovelock Member
Disabled People's Association of Singapore (DPA) Marissa Medjeral Member
Disabled People's Association of Singapore (DPA) Alvan Yap Member 
Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) Shakeel Ahmed Member 
Former ALAC Member, Access Partnership Rafid Fatani Member 
TWNIC Morris Chen Member
Ken Hansen Member 
Alastair Strachan Member 
Dina Solveig Jalkanen Member


  1. CCCA Workspace. Retrieved 09 Apr 2018.