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Domaintools logo.png
Type: Independently Held
Industry: Threat Intelligence
Founded: 2001
Ownership: Datacenter Group
Headquarters: 2101 4th Avenue

Seattle, WA 98121

Country: USA
Employees: 20
Facebook: DomainToolsllc
LinkedIn: DomainTools
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Key People
Tim Chen, CEO

Susan Prosser VP of Client Services
Bruce Roberts CTO

DomainTools is a leading provider of Whois and other DNS profile data for threat intelligence enrichment.[1] It is a part of the Datacenter Group (DCL Group SA).[2] DomainTools data helps security analysts investigate malicious activity on their networks. Using IOCs (Indicators of Compromise), including domains and IPs, analysts can build a map of connected infrastructure. Those connections inform risk assessments, help profile attackers, guide online fraud investigations, and map cyber activity to attacker infrastructure. Fortune 1000 companies, global government agencies, and leading security solution vendors use the DomainTools platform as a critical ingredient in their threat investigation and mitigation work.

DomainTools has over 10 billion related DNS data points to build a map of ‘who’s doing what’ on the Internet. Government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and leading security firms use our data as a critical ingredient in their threat investigation and cybercrime forensics work.

Alexa ranks DomainTools' traffic as one of the top 150 sites for U.S. visitors, top 100 for Indian users, and in the top 200 sites for global internet traffic.[3]

They are regularly involved in domainer events and policy meetings, such as ICANN meetings.[4][5]


DomainTools offers a myriad of services related to Whois searches and DNS lookup; These include:

  • Whois and Reverse Whois services
  • Whois History
  • Screenshot History
  • Hosting History
  • Reverse IP (patented)
  • Name Server Reports[6]

While DomainTools does offer certain free services, they also sell two different memberships (Personal and Enterprise) to those who need complete and unlimited access to their search engines, databases, and professional services.[7]

DomainTools Iris is an investigation platform that brings the services together in a single web user interface. It is only available to enterprise users and has proven very useful in accelerating incident response and threat attribution efforts.

They sometimes highlight their services through the use of specific domains, such as, and was more recently launched in December 2011, and features historic screenshots of a given domain. While this type of service is offered elsewhere, DomainTools' version has received great reviews as it is more frequently updated, quicker, and features an entire screenshot.[8]

DomainTools has recently been highlighting its Intellectual Property protection and brand management services. They are continuously in attendance at International Trademark Associations's annual meetings. These services include Reverse Whois lookups, Domain name ownership records and finding domain typos to trademark alerts, registrant alerts and domain monitoring.[9]

In August 2012, DomainTools introduced mobile apps for Android and iPhones; the apps provide "Whois Lookups on domain names together with website screenshots, key registration dates, and valuable domain profile stats." It also introduced a mobile site that allows users to use the services without downloading the mobile application, and a means to log into Domain Tools accounts via Facebook.[10]

  • Brand Monitor Services

In February 2013, DomainTools relaunched their Brand Monitor Services, which monitors 50 top-level domains (TLDs) to protect against cybersquatting and online copyright, IP, and trademark infringement. The relaunch came 2 months before ICANN is set to recommend the first new TLDs for implementation. The 50 TLDs covered include the 25 largest ccTLDs. The service not only monitors for trademark infringements and typosquatting but can also track competitor's registrations in order to anticipate their own online strategy development.[11]


DomainTools was acquired by Thought Convergence in 2008,[12] and became an independently held company in 2009; they have recently increased their workforce, redesigned their website, strengthened their Alexa rating, designed and moved into a new office space, and invested heavily in new infrastructure and technical improvements.[13]

In early 2012, DomainTools was delegated trademarks related to its names and services, and logo.[14]

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