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Headquarters: New Orleans, LA
Country: USA
Email: info[at]
Website: Domainer Mardi Gras
Facebook: Domainer Mardi Gras

Domainer Mardi Gras is a domain conference held every year to discuss hot issues in the domain name industry. Professional domainers and companies from all over the world participate in this meeting. These companies are registrars, registries, advertisement feed providers, domain name parking companies, ICANN, and investors. However, there is opportunity for individual participation.[1] The name 'Domainer Mardi Gras' is given to the event because it is held in Mardi Gras week every year after the famous carnival on Fat Tuesday, which is celebrated in some countries, perhaps most famously in New Orleans.[2]

In 2011, DMG was postponed because of the heavy load of other meetings at the start of the year. It has been suggested that the event may be moved to coincide with the New Orleans Jazz Festival in 2012.[3]

2010 Conference

Domainer Mardi Gras 2010 was held from 11 to 13 February, 2010 at the Marriott Hotel of New Orleans. The meeting was directed by Michael Ward.[4]


The key events in 2010 conference included:

The domain name auction at DMG 2010 was held through[6]


Major speakers of DMG 2010 include:

Auction Results

The auction for DMG 2010 was held online by SnapNames, in which a total of 35 domains were sold. The major sales among these 35 were:[8]

  • sold for $14,030
  • sold for $3,530
  • sold for $2,300
  • sold for $2,200
  • sold for $2,155
  • sold for $2,000
  • sold for $1,950
  • sold for $1,716
  • sold for $1,606
  • sold for $1,000

The complete list domains present in auction showcase and results can be found here.

2009 Conference

The inaugural Domainer Mardi Gras was held during Mardi Gras week from 19 to 21 February at Westin Canal Place in New Orleans. The show was a huge success and was followed by another conference in 2010. Main topics covered in conference include risk management, diversification, running a business offshore, and tax risks.[9]


On the first day there were general discussions about the present situation of the domain name industry. On the next day, a session about ccTLD investments was held. It included domain income talk and tips and tricks about it. The third day was dedicated for the discussion on the future of domaining which was chaired by representatives from ICANN, Sedo,,, NeuStar and DirectNIC. The last day was for an auction of domain names. This auction was arranged with the help of Thought Convergence's[10]


The main speakers at DMG 2009 were:

Auction Results arranged the live auction for DMG 2009. 34 out of 51 domains were sold for a total of $439,369. The biggest sale of this auction was sold for $300,000. Other major sales were:[12]

  • sold for $22,500
  • sold for $22,000
  • sold for $14,000
  • sold for $10,000
  • sold for $9,000
  • sold for $6,500
  • sold for $3,500
  • sold for $3,000
  • sold for $3,000