Executive Team

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The Executive Team leads ICANN Organization's fulfillment of ICANN's mission and adoption of the ICANN Community's board-approved recommendations, plans and budgets.


  • Xavier Calvez - Senior Vice President of Planning and Chief Financial Officer
  • Mandy Carver - Senior Vice President, Government and IGO Engagement
  • Sally Costerton - Senior Vice President Global Stakeholder Engagement and Senior Advisor to the President
  • John Crain - Chief Security, Stability, and Resiliency Officer
  • Jamie Hedlund - Senior Vice President, Contractual Compliance and U.S. Government Engagement
  • John Jeffrey - General Counsel, Secretary and Co-Deputy to the CEO.
  • David Olive - Senior Vice President, Policy Development Support
  • Ashwin Rangan - Senior Vice President, Engineering and Chief Information Officer
  • Theresa Swinehart - Senior Vice President, Global Domains and Strategy and Co-Deputy to CEO
  • Gina Villavicencio - Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources