Global Integrated Management Consulting

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Type: Private
Industry: Management and Technology Consulting
Founded: USA (2008)
Founder(s): Ayman Adhair
Headquarters: 344 Maple Avenue West, #105,
Vienna, VA 22180
Country: USA
Products: Government Transformation; i-Gov Solution; National e-Services Assessment Solution; National ICT Eco-system; Leaders Developing Leaders Solution; National Project Management Capacity Building Solution; ICT Technology Parks; Innovation Management.
Website: Global Integrated Management Consulting
Key People
Ayman Adhair, Founder, CEO

Global Integrated Management Consulting (Global IMC) is an IT and management consulting firm with services including implementable strategy, human capital development, and process improvement.[1]

Global IMC has helped to develop many international public programs, in countries including Egypt, the USA, Palestine, Jordan, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Brunei, South Korea, Pakistan, and Montenegro.[2]

Their current projects include:

  • Government of Egypt: Design Center of Innovation for Solar Energy Research: Global IMC has been leading the efforts working with renowned scientists from the U.S. and National Science Foundation to prepare the strategy and roadmap for establishing Center of Innovation for Solar Energy Research and Technology Commercialization in Egypt. This effort is aligned with US President Obama's initiative for Muslim Majority Countries that he launched in Cairo. The basic focus of the center would be to combine research and technology support for renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies to enable Egypt to achieve its renewable energy targets. The center will train the future workforce and develop competencies that will identify new research opportunities in solar energy and discover new cutting edge science, and invent energy efficient technologies, going more effectively through the full R&D life-cycle—from education, basic scientific research through applied research and engineering, to testing, scale-up, demonstration, and commercialization.
  • U.S. Department of Commerce: Design, Develop and Conduct U.S. Marketing Forum for a Developing Country IT Association Member Companies: The project consists of three phases and targeted small ICT companies to develop their value proposition, outsourcing capacity building, and conducting marketing forum in the US. The project is sponsored by the US Department of State and Department of Commerce in Washington, DC.
  • American University: Design and Develop Executive Leadership Capacity Development Programs for Turkey, Vietnam, and Libya: Global IMC has been assisting American University in Washington, D.C., USA to develop customized certificates and programs aiming at development executive leadership core competencies among public sector staff focusing on the emerging and developing countries. The program consists of leadership development component and addresses core competencies required for by the client in order for the participants to do their job well in serving their constituencies. For the Government of Vietnam, Global IMC is designing and directing a 2-year leadership development program for 320 senior Vietnamese executive. In addition, Mr. Adhair will present best practices for developing corporate strategy highlighting the role of senior leadership in successful development and implementation of corporate strategy.[3]