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This page lists frequently asked questions about ICANNWiki. If you do not find your question answered here, please feel free to contact us.

What is ICANNWiki?

ICANNWiki is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Internet community's collaborative development of wiki articles on ICANN and Internet Governance-related topics. The wiki provides neutral, third-party information for ICANN meeting attendees and Internet citizens at large. It is an open platform governed by wiki values, such as Neutral Point of View, transparency, assuming good faith, and building together. ICANNWiki is not ICANN. This website is operated by the ICANNWiki organization and any donations made to the ICANNWiki website are for the ICANNWiki organization only.

Why sponsor ICANNWiki?

Sponsor ICANNWiki

  • To contribute to a community good
  • Because it aligns with your company's purpose
  • To highlight your company as supporting the industry in a very positive manner

What does ICANNWiki do?

The Internet Governance space is known for being highly technical and obscure, making it difficult to develop a general understanding of the issues involved. These issues are pertinent to the daily lives of all Internet users, as well as those on the other edge of the digital divide, still waiting for Internet access. ICANNWiki works with the community to break these complex concepts down into understandable, fully-referenced, fact-based, and neutral articles. Since 2006, ICW has provided information about the people, entities, and policies that comprise ICANN and IG in general, explained developments in the ICANN and domain name industry, and sparked conversation and community engagement with

What has ICANNWiki been up to lately?

Since January 2021, we have focused on expanding and updating our content, especially around ICANN policies, stakeholder leadership, and DNS regulatory issues

What are the plans for ICANNWiki's future?

Broadly speaking, to continue keeping knowledge freely available, preventing censorship, and upholding free expression. Specifically, to continue ensuring information about internet governance policies, the domain name industry, and the community are synthesized, modular, and easily understood.

Why do you need the money?

  • Sustainability, day-to-day operation of content creation and editing, and staff work on our community support
  • New staff would help us include grantmaking and enhance partnerships with global organizations

Where does the money go?

  • Compensation for 2 full-time staff members
  • Travel and Giveaways at ICANN Meetings
  • Legal and accounting

How does it work?

Like Wikipedia, it relies on wiki technology and everyone can access information that has been synthesized, clarified, made up-to-date, and written from a neutral point of view.

Like the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, it serves a niche audience and uses editors and a community of contributors with specialized knowledge. It is designed so that each entry is maintained, verified, and sometimes refereed by editors and community members, all of whom have some interest or connection to internet governance, the DNS industry, or technical standards.