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ICANNWiki is an independent encyclopedia on the world of ICANN. The following industry leaders have come together to bring you this community driven project:

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Featured Article

Nigel Roberts is the Founder, Director, and CEO of the Island Networks group of companies, which run the ccTLDs .gg (Guernsey) and .je (Jersey). He was one of the first elected members, representing the ccTLD Constituency, of ICANN's Domain Name Supporting Organisation, which subsequently separated into the GNSO and ccNSO. He has been involved with ICANN since its very beginnings, and was involved in the International Forum on the White Paper. He has set up a site to detail his legal battles over spam issues with Media Logistics, and more broadly support anti-spam efforts and information dissemination. Mr. Roberts speaks 4 languages and has lived in 8 different countries. He was involved in creating the British Overseas Internet more

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  • ... and some other stuff actually related to this website?
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