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Country: Channel Islands
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Nigel Roberts has served as a member of the ICANN Board since late 2018.

He is founder and CEO of the Island Networks group of companies,[1] which run the ccTLD registries of .gg Bailiwick of Guernsey) and .je (Jersey). He was one of the first elected members, of ICANN's Domain Name Supporting Organisation (DNSO) Council, representing the ccTLD constituency. (The DNSO is the forerunner of today's GNSO and ccNSO).

Nigel Roberts has been involved with ICANN since its earliest days, and took part in the US Government's International Forum on the White Paper in 1998.[2]


After graduation from Essex University, he worked for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Before founding CHANNELISLES.NET in 1996 he worked for a number of companies and international organisations throughout Europe as an independent consultant/contractor, including BT, SWIFT, and the European Environment Agency in Denmark.

Together with another ex-DEC employee, he founded Island Networks in 1996. Island Networks is based on the small island of Alderney, in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.


Hi is a Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Fellow of the Insitute of Directors, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


Nigel has a BSc in Computing Science from Essex and an LLB from the OU/College of Law.

During his time at Essex he played a minor role as one of the group of students who created the world's first multi-user computer game. He is a Chartered Engineer.

Fun Facts

He is an occasional radio presenter on QUAY-FM. Nigel also remarks has been involved with the Internet for so long that his very first email address, which was given as an 'tourist on the ARPAnet', by MIT) predated the DNS itself by several years and contained no dots (NIGEL@MIT-AI).