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Region: North America
Country: USA
Email: martin[at]


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Martin Levy has the Network Strategy position at Cloudflare He was previously the Director of IPv6 Strategy at Hurricane Electric Internet Services,[1] and an internationally recognized expert on IPv6 and other important industry topics.

Mr. Levy ran for election as the ASO's representative to the ICANN Board in 2012. The Organization voted in May, 2012 and lost to the incumbent Ray Plzak.[2] In 2015, Mr. Levy is running for a second time for the same board seat[3].

Career History

Mr. Levy has been working with TCP/IP since the early 1980's, and was involved in the publication of the first TCP/IP RFCs. He was born in England but later moved to New Jersey, in the United States, to work as a software developer at Bell Labs. He worked in New Jersey for seven years and then moved to California.[4]

Mr. Levy has built networks in California, the US, Europe, Latin America and now in Asia. He joined Hurricane Electronics in 2008.[5]

Mr. Levy joined Cloudflare in March 2014.[6]

He has worked at several companies including CMGI, Internex Information Services, XO Communications, Inc., Newton Technology Partners, Telecom Italia Sparkle, Latin American Nautilius, Gigamon Systems and Swan Labs. Among the most recent jobs in his career, he has been the CTO of Digital Campaigns and a Consultant at Mahtin, Inc.[7]

Industry Participation

He is a regular speaker at conferences and workshops and attends many meetings.

  • Addressed the need for IPv6 deployment in the Domain Business at ICANN 41 in Singapore, June 2010.[8]
  • Addressed attendees at the V6 World Conference about Progress of Transition to Global IPv6 Connectivity.[9]
  • Moderated Carrier Panel at the Inter-Agency IPv6 Meeting in 2011.[10]
  • Discussed IPv6 Transition at FOSE 2010.[11]
  • Speaker at the TXv6TF 2010 IPv6 Summit.[12]
  • Discussed Global IPv6 Adoption at The Digital Government Institute’s IPv6 Conference in 2010.[13]
  • Speaker at India IPv6 Summit in 2009.[14]
  • Delivered the keynote address at the Slovenian IPv6 Summit in 2009.[15]

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