Naresh Ajwani

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Country: India
Email: naresh_ajwani[at]

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Naresh Ajwani is Former President of Government Relations & Potential Business with Sify Technologies Limited. He served there for almost 10 years from 1999 to 2009. He joined Sify as head of internet advertising and remained President of Consumer Infrastructure & Operations for Sify Technologies Limited from 2007 to 2009.

His area of expertise include Sales, Marketing, Human Resources and Corporate Affairs. He has participated in several projects including those at Blue Star Ltd, Network Ltd, UDI Yellow Pages, Sterling Computers, Sterling Cellular Ltd and Mitsubishi Mobile Phones.[1]


Mr. Ajwani got elected as a member of Number Resource Organization–Number Council in 2008. He is the first and only Indian selected for the organisation so far.[2] He is a member of ICANN's ASO Address Council and attends attends its meetings regularly,[3] where he is an elected representative of APNIC.[4] He is also an executive member of the |Internet Service Provider's Association of India.


Naresh holds a bachelor's degree of Marketing Management from the University of Rajasthan; he received Post Graduate in Public Administration from same university. He has also completed the Business Leadership Programme from the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata.[5]