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Type: Privately Held
Industry: Registry, Legal, Internet, etc.
Founded: October 2015
Ownership: current ownership, year purchased
Headquarters: Irvine, CA
Country: USA
Businesses: Servntire Global Private Limited
Products: list
Employees: number (year)
Revenue: $X (year)
Email: email [at]
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Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@twitterhandle
Key People
Raghu Bala, Founder, CEO, Board Chairman

NetObjex is a platform that also offers services in the areas of IoT, AI and Blockchain based on its product suite.


NetObjex acts in accordance with the view that technologies do not have discrete capabilities. Rather, the company is run as a provider of a continuum of developments and operations involving Digital Assets. It uses IoT for data acquisition and actuation, AI for recognizing patterns in big data, and blockchain for disseminating data in a decentralized network. The company focuses on several types of elements in making configurations, including digital asset type, Payload type, rules, distributed ledger type, messaging, and Enterpise Gateway, and for security, it relies on distributed ledgers for cryptographically storing data and Secure Elements for Edge Devices.[1]


NetObjex offers

  • platform
  • Hardware design and development
  • Firmware development
  • Mobile Apps/Dapps
  • Web front ends and admin panels
  • Blockchain development
protocol development, smart contracts, tokens, turnkey ICO development

Centralized vs Decentralized Computing

The company's stance:

The decentralized computing involved in blockchain is good for situations in which ecosystem participants (from different entities and companies) need to share information in a transparent, immutable, tamper-proof format because of trust issues.


Centralized computing is needed for storing large volumes of raw data and when one needs an audit trail.[2]