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Affiliation: MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Country: USA
Email: stuart.schechter [at]
LinkedIn: link=stuart-schechter/0/668/782   [stuart-schechter/0/668/782 Stuart Schechter]

Stuart Schechter of MIT Lincoln Laboratory[1] leads an effort to examine the economic incentives that may aid or hinder the deployment of infrastructure-level security technologies on the Internet. The investigation of DNSSEC as part of this project first brought Stuart and collaborator Andy Ozment into contact with ICANN. The project is funded by the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P).

If you are interested in the economic, political, and business issues surrounding the deployment of security technologies, Stuart would encourage you to submit a paper to the the Workshop on the Economics of Securing the Information Infrastructure.

Stuart is also on the program committee for The Fifth Annual Workshop on the Economics of Information Security.

Career History

MIT Lincoln Laboratory - Technical Staff ( Aug 2004 to Jun 2007)

Microsoft - Researcher ( Jul 2007 to present ), Redmond, Washington[2]


The Ohio State University. Class of 1996. Computer and Information Science in Engineering.

Harvard University. Class of 2004. PhD, Computer Science[3]