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Region: North America
Country: USA
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ICANNLogo.png Currently a member
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ICANNLogo.png Currently a member

Suzanne Woolf is experienced in both the technical and policy aspects of the evolution of the Internet, particularly DNS and other network operations. She has held a variety of roles for the Internet Systems Consortium since 2002, currently including product management, strategic considerations for ISC’s software and protocol development projects, and participation in Internet technical policy activities with ICANN, ARIN, and others.[1] She is a member of the ICANN Root Server System Advisory Committee and ARIN Advisory Council and actively participates in NANOG and IETF.

Ms. Woolf has excused herself from discussing or influencing multiple votes on ICANN's New gTLD Program as per a conflict of interests policy passed in 2011 and her employment with a company that stands to benefit from new gTLDs.[2][3]


Suzanne Woolf has been active in policy development within the Internet technical community for most of her career. Most recently, she was a two-term member of ARIN’s Advisory Counci, from Jan. 2003 - Dec. 2008. She has been invited as a speaker on internet governance and technology topics at policy meetings of the US Department of Commerce, the UN Internet Governance Forum, and other venues. She has been active in ICANN's Advisory Committees for several years, including the Root Server System Advisory Committee, where she currently serves as a non-voting liaison to the ICANN Board of Directors.

Suzanne has been with the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) since 2002, where one of her first projects was shepherding ISC’s involvement in finalizing DNSSEC specifications through the IETF and fielding the first DNSSEC compliant versions of BIND. Current projects include open source implementation of IPv4 to IPv6 transition technology and ISC’s efforts to support wide-scale deployment of DNSSEC.

Prior to joining ISC Suzanne has been a systems administrator, programmer, and network engineer for University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute (USC-ISI), Metromedia Fiber Networks, and private consulting clients.[4]


Her current networking interests center on large scale infrastructure, DNSSEC deployment, promoting the operational use of IPv6, and IETF participation in related working groups such as DNSEXT and V6OPS. She is especially interested in securing the DNS and the global routing system, implications of the growing adoption of IPv6 in areas such as multi-homing, and global policy issues for the IP address registries to consider together.


She has a B.Sc. degree from Carnegie-Mellon University in Information Systems.


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